Terms and conditions


Terms and conditions of use of the LOKATOR ® platform

LOKATOR ® users

The users of LOKATOR ®, respectively of the LOKATOR.ro site, are divided into two large groups: tourists and property managers.




For tourists using LOKATOR ®:


LOKATOR.ro ® is a database with accommodation units made available free of charge to tourists.


LOKATOR ® makes available to tourists the information that the owner provides through the collaboration contract with LOKATOR ®.


Although LOKATOR ® verifies the accuracy of this information through its representatives, we do not assume full responsibility for the information displayed on the services offered by property managers .. The tourist is invited to contact the owner of the accommodation directly to request additional information to ask questions. regarding the offer displayed on LOKATOR.ro and in order to resolve any misunderstandings or, as the case may be, to contact the authorities in the field [ANPC] [online litigation assistance]. We also encourage tourists to check the displayed rates for reservations, to conclude a pre-accommodation contract and to make the payment in the account.


Tourists are invited to leave reviews about the units in the Guest Book of each accommodation unit. LOKATOR ® encourages site users to leave impressions only if they have used the services of that unit. LOKATOR ® also encourages constructive comments, ie those that are useful to other tourists. For example, instead of just "I liked it" or "I didn't like it", it's better to show the reasons why you liked it or didn't like it. LOKATOR ® uses a comment module via the Facebook site. Therefore, to write a comment on LOKATOR.ro, users must be authenticated on facebook.com. Insults, obscene comments or comments that are malicious (by the words used) beyond the civilized presentation of any unpleasant aspects will not be accepted. LOKATOR ® also reserves the right to mediate those negative comments about an accommodation unit that do not provide arguments justifying the negative impression communicated.


The use of the LOKATOR.ro site implies the acceptance of these terms and conditions of use.


To consult the conditions of processing and confidentiality of personal data, please click here.

For property administrators who display services on Lokator.ro


LOKATOR ® 's relationship with the owners of accommodation units is defined by the contract concluded between them - on the one hand - and LOKATOR ® by its zonal representatives - on the other hand.







LOKATOR ® is a registered trademark. Any text or photo displayed on LOKATOR.ro are the property of LOKATOR ® and are protected by copyright and intellectual property laws. It is forbidden to use any text or photo on LOKATOR.ro without the written consent of LOKATOR ®.

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